Backscrubber top ā€“ Smart Microfiber

Back scrubberĀ for a lovely wash.

This extra soft and luxurious microfiber has been developed toĀ make you feel fit and healthy. The unique structure both massagesĀ and cleans while removing dead skin cells at the same time. TheĀ back scrubber has a soft and a coarse side to soothe or massageĀ skin. Rinse the band in warm water and wring dry. Moisten theĀ back scrubber before use. For deep treatment, use soap or anotherĀ preferred product. Rinse by hand after each use.

  • Massages and cleans your skin smoothly
  • Double sided, one side soft and the other coarse
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh
  • Non-irritating